Shop with Scrip

Scrip turns routine shopping into cash for Christ Church when parishioners use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases such as gas and groceries.  Available retailers range from to Zappos, with hundreds in between!  I regularly purchase from Stop & Shop, Shell, and Staples– and all are on the list.   Local supermarkets (among them ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Target, and Whole Foods) are listed as well as many specialty stores and hotels.




Follow these steps to start using ShopWithScrip.

Register a Family Account

You can request registration with Paul Ambos, Scrip Coordinator, after
services on just about any Sunday morning, or you can make an email
registration request to him at  In
order to register you he will need the full name of the family member for
the account, home address and telephone number, email address, and the year
of the person’s birth as an identifier.  He will set up an account for you
that will link your purchases to the Christ Church account.  If you already
have a ShopWithScrip account with another organization, he can link you to
Christ Church as well, and you can choose which organization to credit for
your purchases.

Purchase Gift Cards

The website lists the various vendors who offer gift cards
through the program and the dollar denominations available.  Other Christ
Church families often buy Barnes & noble, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Whole
Foods, Acme, Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club, but
there are scores more vendors to choose from.  You can place card orders
with Mr. Ambos any Sunday.  Payment is for the face value of the cards, by
check or cash only.  (You can also pay with the ShopWithScrip PrestoPay
feature, described below.)  Card orders are submitted to ShopWithScrip twice
a month, usually around the first and the fifteenth, and cards are delivered
to purchasers the following Sunday.


You can gain flexibility by signing up for the ShopWithScrip PrestoPay
program.  PrestoPay links to your designated bank account and can be used
for paying with purchases at any time, rather than waiting for a Sunday.
Many vendors’ cards are reloadable, and if you renew them with PrestoPay the
new balance is credited to them by the following day.  Some vendors offer
ScripNow electronic cards that can be used online or in stores as eCards.
Both of these features are only available through PrestoPay.  Every purchase
with PrestoPay incurs a small service charge (39 cents) per order,
regardless of the size of the order.  To begin registration for PrestoPay,
contact Mr. Ambos.