Meet Our New Food Pantry Director

We are delighted to welcome aboard our new Food Pantry Director, Douglas Wilson, who began working with the Pantry in October.

Mr. Wilson has been involved in the food industry almost his entire working career and before that, participating in youth and church-sponsored dinners. He smilingly/fondly recalls his first foray into feeding the hungry through his biweekly $1 all you can eat spaghetti (always plain or
meat sauce and sometimes parmesan cheese) dinners for housemates and friends during his college years in the late seventies.

He became aware of the pantry concept through his church’s support of “Lunch at the House of the Lord” feeding ministry in St. John’s Episcopal Church, New Brunswick. This ministry
later morphed into Elijah’s Promise.

Mr. Wilson returned to Middlesex County College in the early nineties to study Dietetics Technology under the Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional Management program.
While there students were required to participate/volunteer at numerous community
outreach sites including Elijah’s Promise (current site) and The Community Foodbank
of New Jersey (former Newark site).

Upon graduation he began to support the St. George’s Food Pantry while operating his business Cutting Board Caterers. He provided frozen prepared meals, homemade soups and delicious Italian sauce. Upon the demise of his business in 2009, he undertook the leadership of that pantry, which now serves upwards of 45-60 families weekly.

Of his experience at the St. George’s Pantry, Mr. Wilson said, “If they lined up at my Deli the way they lined up Tuesdays at the Pantry I might not have had the opportunity to feel true joy in service as I do today and everyday through this ministry. I also discovered that a kind word, or being a helping guide to a needed phone number that offered support for their particular
need, were equally important as the bags of groceries we distributed.”

Mr. Wilson was also recently awarded the Middlesex County College Alumnus of the Year award for Service to the College and the Association. A 1993 graduate, Wilson has maintained
his he initiated and spearheaded the MCC Alumni Association’s most successful fundraiser to
date: An Evening of Good Taste for the Educated Palate. This annual event brings 25 local restaurants to campus to offer samples of their best dishes to members of the public who purchase tickets. The funds have gone to the MCC Alumni Scholarship program, which now distributes three $500 scholarships to deserving students.