Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team provides support to parishioners in time of need.  The following are the functional roles and responsibilities of the Pastoral Care Team:

  • Prayer Ministry on 1st and 3rd Sundays, trained parishioners are available to administer prayers with individuals, per their requests;
  • Make contact with parishioners who have been noticeably absent;
  • Mail greeting cards to parishioners during life changing events;
  • Provide transport for parishioners on a need/request basis;
  • Provide meals to indisposed parishioners as needs arise;
  • Share information between the Pastoral Care Team and the Rector.

If you would like to be reached out to by one of the caring members of the Pastoral Care Team for friendly and prayerful visits, or are ill and would like to request help with meals, please leave a message for Mervis Johnson, Chair of Pastoral Care, at the church’s telephone number: 732-545- 6262.