Who Are We?


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For 270 years, Christ Church has proclaimed the Gospel and ministered to the New Brunswick community. We have become a racially diverse congregation in which people from every background are engaged in the leadership of the parish. Our members are drawn from the city and surrounding suburbs by the beauty of our liturgy and music, by prophetic and learned preaching, and by our deep commitments to serving the needs of our urban home.

Open Arms. We embrace the diversity of God’s creation and our unity in Christ—young and old, black and white, married and single, gay and straight, urban and suburban—and celebrate our African, Asian, Caribbean, European, and Latino traditions.

Open Minds. We thank God in worship for blessing us with memory, reason, and skill, and we value our academic neighbors. We invite others to bring their doubts and insights and join us on a spiritual and intellectual pilgrimage.

Open Hearts. We practice the command to love one another through fellowship, mutual care, and service to our urban community, with special attention to immigrants, to the hungry, and to the homeless.