Christ Church worships each Sunday at 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM (10:00 AM in summer). Our 8:00 AM service is a quiet Eucharist in traditional language (Rite I) with a few hymns. The 10:30 AM service is a festive Eucharist in contemporary language (Rite II) with one or more of the Parish’s choirs, and often with instrumentalists as well.  We offer Prayer Ministry during both Sunday morning services on the first and third Sunday of each month.

Worship during the academic year is also augmented periodically with special services, such as a popular Jazz Vespers. Please check our calendars and announcements for these special services.

We offer a brief, lunchtime Eucharist at 12:15 PM on Wednesday for any who wish to come.

Special services for Christmas, Easter, and other festivals of the Church are offered as needed, and include music offered by one or more of our choirs, as well as special liturgical actions such as foot washing on Maundy Thursday or walking the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week.

We believe that Christ is present to us in our prayers, and particularly in the Bread and Wine, which are offered to all baptized Christians, young and old alike.  We strive in our worship to make Christ present to our minds and hearts through beauty, thoughtful preaching, and warm hospitality.  We invite all who come to enter into the life of Christ.

Ministries which Support our Worship

Our worship would not happen without the dedicated service of many parishioners of all ages.  The members of the Marion B. DeVoe Altar Guild of Christ prepare our sanctuary for worship each Sunday and for special services, and also maintain the implements that we use.  Many of our youth serve as Acolytes and assist in the beauty and dignity of our worship. Lay Readers and Eucharistic Ministers lead our worship by reading from Scripture and assisting in the distribution of Communion. To learn more, or if you wish to become involved in one of these ministries, please call the church office at 732-545-6262.

Our worship is magnificently supported by the offerings of our choirs.  Click here to learn more.